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An early stage consulting practice, guiding partnerships to solutions for over 20 years. Sandro brings his problem solving experience, from his many years practicing law and his "zero to 1" experience founding software startups, to help founders resolve conflict and to stay focused on healthy growth.

How we get the work done


Assesses the potential for problems in the partnership when there is no active legal/business dispute. This method employs a similarly collaborative approach, but more to identify and resolve areas of potential conflict before they advance into actual blockers.


This method of dispute resolution involves having a mediator (a neutral third party) to work with all stakeholders equally—to help the parties find alignment and to help get through some potential areas of friction/tension within the team.
In all relationships, whether it be personal or professional, there is the potential for competing interests.
It is from this friction where the real problem solving begins. Mediation oriented consulting can play an instrumental role in crafting mutually beneficial solutions for parties who are (or could soon be) stuck and unable to move forward.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who are your typical clients?
I typically work with founding teams at early stage startups. This can mean a lot of things, but it generally boils down to founders and heads of departments/divisions when product/market fit is still early.
How long is your typical engagement?
Sessions are typically 60-90 minutes and are usually scheduled 1-2 weeks apart. Although each team's needs and availability varies, it is recommended that they be prepared to commit to 2-5 sessions at the outset- and then schedule sessions as needed from that point onward.
What types of services do you offer and what does it cost?
Sessions are either in a all-hands type format, where everyone is in the same room (and/or on the same call) at the same time, or they can be staggered to allow for split sessions. For those who prefer more of workshop approach, this can be arranged as well. All services are billed at $250 an hour, not including any prep.
How do we get started?
All engagements begin by completing a relatively short questionnaire that will set the framework for the discussion. It is recommended that all of the stakeholders seeking to be involved with the process complete a questionnaire. For those still unsure about whether this process is the right approach, I offer a 10-15 minute introductory call to help determine whether it would be a fit.

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